The Importance of Tire Rotation

November 4th, 2019 by

Whether or not you rotate your tires on a regular basis, can mean the difference between long-lasting tires that wear well, or tires that wear unevenly, in odd tread patterns and even affect things like your ability to break correctly and take corners safely.

The spare tire also needs to be taken into consideration, when you rotate your tires. If your spare tire is full size and looks like all of your other tires, then you need to remember to include your spare tire into the rotation. For instance, if you have a full-size spare and tires that are all uniform in size, there are two different ways to rotate your tires. For a front-wheel-drive car, you will do a forward cross rotation. If your vehicle is a rear-wheel drive or a 4-wheel drive, you use a rearward cross rotation.

Rotating your tires is also the perfect time to check their air pressure, check your tread depth, inspect them visually for any damage and have them rebalanced if necessary. Bring your vehicle in today and let Alfa Romeo of Tacoma rotate the tires on your car!

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